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These Days  
10:56pm 08/08/2006
Bastards, Inc.
Well hey girl, you're late
And those planes, they just don't wait
But if you ever come back around
To this sleepy old town
Promise me you'll stop in
To see an old friend
And until then...

Well, I finally felt the sadness that its said that all mothers feel when their kids go to school. She didn't want me to walk in with her this morning; she wanted to do it by herself.

Also, she wants to ride the school bus, because "being a car rider is sooo boring." That's not going to happen, but sometimes I think she's 13. She shouldn't be in kindergarten, and at the same time it seems like she should be graduating next year. Its amazing how time can both fly and not move at all, all at the same time.

I've been in one of those moods of mine lately, but I think I snapped out of it around 1130. Its 1 o'clock right now, but that's ok. My house is sparkly clean. Sleep? Who needs sleep when your floors have been vacuumed, the toilets scrubbed, and the mirrors polished. Dear Neteru, save me now.

Brian's and my filming project is about to take off pretty soon. We've got to do just a little bit more planning this weekend, and then get everything finalized with the people. Hopefully it'll be most awesome.

I've got word on FINALLY starting college. Hopefully it'll pull through this time instead of dicking me around like what has happened the past 3/4 years. Yuck. I've an appointment on the 19th to find out about some stuff, so hopefully it'll come through. I hope, anyway.
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(no subject)  
04:44pm 03/08/2006
Bastards, Inc.
The locusts are singing
The sun is red
Its gotten so late somehow
There's gonna be trouble
You know what they said

Morgan's first day of school was Wednesday. She had a great time. After dropping her off (Larry said he felt like he was abandoning her, lol) when went to the Pig and had breakfast. It was very good. I hadn't had pancakes in a while.

She goes back tomorrow, and I've got to go to Mayfield. Hopefully Jamie will be going with me. :) I was told about a program that where the state will pay for me to go to college. Hopefully it will pull through. I mean, come on now. I've been dicked around for THREE UFCKING YEARS! There's always something that at the last minute won't let me start classes and it disenheartens me so badly that I can't stand it. Maybe this time. Hopefully.

I've been so tired lately that its not funny. This period has really drained me so badly its not funny. At least today is my last day and I'll have a week where everything will be ok.
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I'm fired and I have a wrecked car. Why am I so happy?  
10:31pm 31/08/2005
Bastards, Inc.
'Cause I'm fucking fired! Hell yeah!

There's a little bit more back story to this one, though I won't get into it here. Let's just say that MVP Pouring in Mayfield, KY is the stupidest fucking place that I've ever worked at, and I've worked at CBK. In 10 months, I've seen 23 supervisors, 3 foreman, and I lost count at 118 (four months ago) employees come and go. I'm most definitely going to right my little editorial column for the newspaper.

As for the wrecked car.... bleh. I don't want to get into it right now.

On the other hand, there's a massive sale at CBK tomorrow, and the tables I want are going to be on sale! w00t!
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Buy yours today!  
09:11pm 20/08/2005
Bastards, Inc.
Stan says:
i want a christina doll
Stan says:
to scare my neighbors with
Stan says:
and to cuddle before sleep claims my soul each night
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03:11am 19/08/2005
Bastards, Inc.
Wow. Its been a long time since I've updated. I can understand, though. It seems I never want to post anything unless I'm feeling sad, and I'm feeling sad right now. Bleh. I know part of it is my bipolar-ness coming out, but part of it is genuine. Yuck yuck yuck.

I think I would love to keep a record of all the stupid (and by stupid I mean absolutely fucking dumb ass) things that the management at work does. I may have to do that. I bet it would very interesting. As long as I remember to use all the words, of course.

An interesting thing did happen to me today. As I was passing out candy (hehe, not technically in the job description, but I like candy, lol) Kennon asked me why I was smiling. To tell the truth, I wasn't aware that I was (shitty day and all). He then proceeded to announce to everyone at the table (about 15 people) that it was because I was cute.

Oh come on now, what gives? I looked like shit, and I wasn't even wearing make up. Hell, I actually don't think I brushed my hair on the hectic race to work. First Fernando, then Jose and his 'I have wet dreams', and then Phillip with his "I think you look pretty good", then Lawrence, and then Mark, and now Kennon. What the hell? Are they seeing something that I'm not? I mean come on now, I'm by no means cute. Hell, I'm actually pretty scary, IMO.

I may have to ponder this for a while. On the other hand, it does mean I have options...

I also learned today that Lisa (a team leader on days) is scared of me. She blushed and said that "I didn't scream for you because I didn't want to make you mad." Ah, my legendary temper.
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(no subject)  
01:43pm 20/03/2005
Bastards, Inc.
Have you ever read something that was superbly mundane, but still changed your perception of life? More thoughts on this later, I suppose.

I just went through and read some of my previews entries (oh ok, so I read the first 5, but neh). I have a tendency to leave out words, it seems. Oh well. *laughs*

My birthday went over really well, lol, and I feel a LOT older than I am. I'm still putting in pretty good hours at work, unfortunately. However, PC hinted that I might be EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH next month. I don't know if I should roll my eyes or not. I really like PC, but the EotM is a joke, or at least it comes off as it.

I brought home 4 candles this week. I was also the 2nd person to leave friday night, beating out the foreman because I had to check that she locked the door, lol.

Saturday they had an easter egg hunt up there and so we took Morgan. She had a great time and she won quite a bit of stuff.

Larry also told me that he felt that we were growing closer.
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12:01am 23/12/2004
Bastards, Inc.
Tonight we had almost blizzard conditions outside. That was definitely the most frightening trip home I've ever made. I couldn't see more than a few inches in front of the car, and there was no way I could have pulled over. I seriously thought at one point that I wasn't going to make it home. Fortunately I didn, and it only took me a little over 2 hours to make a 23 mile drive. Man, the roads are bad, and the snow is /deep/.

I'm glad its warm inside, though, lol. We're off until Monday (and then we only work 3 days), and I need it. The house needs sooo much work. /Someone/ doesn't bother to do a damn thing around here, including watch Morgan.

*shakes head*
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01:40am 20/12/2004
Bastards, Inc.
Man, I've stayed so tired lately. Making candles really seems to take a lot out of ya, lol. On the plus side, I've only got to work 'til Wednesday this week.

We're having a party in the break room Wed. night at lunch, because we weren't invited by the others to join in their festivities, lol. Like any of us really care. I found it kind of amusing for some reason. They run around and make a big deal about talking about it really loudly in front of us. In English, to boot. I love when they try hard.

Saturday was the XMas party, so we went back up to Mayfield for it. Before then we went to Union City, to do a little more XMas shopping. Damn, I'll be glad when this holiday season is over. Damn it, I'm a proud pagan, why should I have to bother with this holiday?

Eh, it brings others joy, and I see it as a secular holiday, anyway. Plus I like getting stuff. I just don't like the hassle that comes with buying other people things that they want. Because, damn, I have some picky, snotty family members.

Anyways, Morgan lost my last pair of contacts the other day and when I went to the little optometrist store at WalMart, I found that my prescription had expire, oh, a week ago. So now I don't have any contacts and won't be able to get any for a while, because I had a back tire go flat the other night coming home from work and I'll either have to have it patched (which won't be but 5 dollars) or have to buy one new completely, so I won't be able to afford an eye exam until after XMas. Joys. But at least it could be worse. And maybe I'll get lucky and I won't have to buy a new tire (though I will most likely just buy a used one, because I need a new set within the next few months anyway). Oh, and to add injury to insult, Larry ran us out of gas a mile from town Saturday night and all 3 of us had to stand out in the cold (around 30) for about an hour. Yuck.

I did find a LOT of great deals at the mall, though. I bought a skirt, a dress, and a very cute shirt for less than the price Larry payed for his brother's present: a CD. I love half price sale items!

I also bought a new motherboard/processor (damned good), and a really kick ass case. It has color changing LEDs in the front and bubble tubes on the sides, lol.
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10:09pm 03/09/2004
Bastards, Inc.
I made a flash intro today. http://www.carbonblack.tk I also managed to get the new layout to Kirari*Dream up today. Its not much, but its something. I'm proud of it, at least. Past that, its been a long boring day. Morgan woke up when Larry did because he reset the alarm THREE times. At 5 in the morning, thats a lot. We definitely didn't go back to sleep after that, lol.

I'm also getting a gmail account. I don't know why, but I've been curious about that for the last week or so.

Decor Direct is having a huge sale, so Kena and I are going in the morning. Man I bet thats going to be fun. Mama said there were so many people there yesterday that they couldn't even get in. At least we're getting there when it opens.
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Me vrs the Ants  
11:06pm 27/04/2004
Bastards, Inc.
I hate ants. I really fucking hate them.

Did you know that Febreeze won't kill the gimongous ones that I have in my kitchen? Nope, it sure won't. The little bastard just had the insolence to stand there and stare at me, twitching his fucking little pinchers as I made him smell refreshingly clean. Even the much touted Greased Lightening wouldn't take that sucker out. Oh no, that little nickel sized fuck got the honor of being knocked into the floor and being stomped. For once, I actually enjoyed the crunching sounds. Little bastard.

I hate ants.

Last night I opened my dishwasher to find the joy of seeing 10 big ants (not the ginormous ones like the ones above, but the really big ones), climbing all over the inside of my paritally loaded dishwasher. An ant torture opportunity was nigh, I sensed.

It took all day to fully fill up the dishwasher, but I did. And when I moved it, they decided to run out the back of it. They even ran out the spigot hose. So, as I watched in horror as 20 ants or so mounted an attack on the top of my dishwasher, my instincts came too and grabbed the nearest sprayable thing at hand: a bottle of Greased Lightening. Well, not only does that stuff totally kick 409's ass, it kills the small to medium sized ants in 1 squirt. So I chased the little fucks all around my dishwasher, the floor and the cabinet. Man, it hasn't shined that well in days. ^_^ Eventually I sense a lull, and sat the cleaner down. There were a couple in the sink, so they got a scalding hot trip down the drain.

Thats when the big ones started coming out. Reacting quickly, I grabbed the nearest spray bottle. Oops, its Febreeze. It doesn't work against the big ones. After 5 minutes, I give up, and start squishing, yipping everytime. I hate ants. I have even worse to touch them, even in 5 inch soled boots.

I eventually found the ant killer, but by then there were only two, so they got nice any spray baths.

I hate ants.
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