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01:40am 20/12/2004
Bastards, Inc.
Man, I've stayed so tired lately. Making candles really seems to take a lot out of ya, lol. On the plus side, I've only got to work 'til Wednesday this week.

We're having a party in the break room Wed. night at lunch, because we weren't invited by the others to join in their festivities, lol. Like any of us really care. I found it kind of amusing for some reason. They run around and make a big deal about talking about it really loudly in front of us. In English, to boot. I love when they try hard.

Saturday was the XMas party, so we went back up to Mayfield for it. Before then we went to Union City, to do a little more XMas shopping. Damn, I'll be glad when this holiday season is over. Damn it, I'm a proud pagan, why should I have to bother with this holiday?

Eh, it brings others joy, and I see it as a secular holiday, anyway. Plus I like getting stuff. I just don't like the hassle that comes with buying other people things that they want. Because, damn, I have some picky, snotty family members.

Anyways, Morgan lost my last pair of contacts the other day and when I went to the little optometrist store at WalMart, I found that my prescription had expire, oh, a week ago. So now I don't have any contacts and won't be able to get any for a while, because I had a back tire go flat the other night coming home from work and I'll either have to have it patched (which won't be but 5 dollars) or have to buy one new completely, so I won't be able to afford an eye exam until after XMas. Joys. But at least it could be worse. And maybe I'll get lucky and I won't have to buy a new tire (though I will most likely just buy a used one, because I need a new set within the next few months anyway). Oh, and to add injury to insult, Larry ran us out of gas a mile from town Saturday night and all 3 of us had to stand out in the cold (around 30) for about an hour. Yuck.

I did find a LOT of great deals at the mall, though. I bought a skirt, a dress, and a very cute shirt for less than the price Larry payed for his brother's present: a CD. I love half price sale items!

I also bought a new motherboard/processor (damned good), and a really kick ass case. It has color changing LEDs in the front and bubble tubes on the sides, lol.
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