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10:56pm 08/08/2006
Bastards, Inc.
Well hey girl, you're late
And those planes, they just don't wait
But if you ever come back around
To this sleepy old town
Promise me you'll stop in
To see an old friend
And until then...

Well, I finally felt the sadness that its said that all mothers feel when their kids go to school. She didn't want me to walk in with her this morning; she wanted to do it by herself.

Also, she wants to ride the school bus, because "being a car rider is sooo boring." That's not going to happen, but sometimes I think she's 13. She shouldn't be in kindergarten, and at the same time it seems like she should be graduating next year. Its amazing how time can both fly and not move at all, all at the same time.

I've been in one of those moods of mine lately, but I think I snapped out of it around 1130. Its 1 o'clock right now, but that's ok. My house is sparkly clean. Sleep? Who needs sleep when your floors have been vacuumed, the toilets scrubbed, and the mirrors polished. Dear Neteru, save me now.

Brian's and my filming project is about to take off pretty soon. We've got to do just a little bit more planning this weekend, and then get everything finalized with the people. Hopefully it'll be most awesome.

I've got word on FINALLY starting college. Hopefully it'll pull through this time instead of dicking me around like what has happened the past 3/4 years. Yuck. I've an appointment on the 19th to find out about some stuff, so hopefully it'll come through. I hope, anyway.
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06:08pm 09/08/2006 (UTC)
Hippy Mama
Isn't it sad when they go off on their own and don't want our help? I remember when Frog boy went to Headstart and he said something to me to the effect of "You can go home Mama. I don't need you to stay with me." UH! Can you say heartwrenching??
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