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(no subject)  
01:43pm 20/03/2005
Bastards, Inc.
Have you ever read something that was superbly mundane, but still changed your perception of life? More thoughts on this later, I suppose.

I just went through and read some of my previews entries (oh ok, so I read the first 5, but neh). I have a tendency to leave out words, it seems. Oh well. *laughs*

My birthday went over really well, lol, and I feel a LOT older than I am. I'm still putting in pretty good hours at work, unfortunately. However, PC hinted that I might be EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH next month. I don't know if I should roll my eyes or not. I really like PC, but the EotM is a joke, or at least it comes off as it.

I brought home 4 candles this week. I was also the 2nd person to leave friday night, beating out the foreman because I had to check that she locked the door, lol.

Saturday they had an easter egg hunt up there and so we took Morgan. She had a great time and she won quite a bit of stuff.

Larry also told me that he felt that we were growing closer.
How I feel: soresore
What I'm listening to: Bon Jovi - Prayer '94
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